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Know Your Tattoo

It’s for life...


Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Aftercare is one of the most important things to keep in mind when getting a tattoo as it will effect the overall look of the tattoo for your foreseeable future. Remember tattoos are a commitment not a fleeting event. 

We recommend three key factors in taking care of a Fresh Tattoo:

1. Keep it Safe!: For the first 2 weeks your tattoo will be extremely vulnerable. You will have to avoid direct sunlight, avoid extended exposure to sunlight, avoid submerging the tattoo in bodies of water (showers are fine), and do not scratch or graze the tattoo. 
This is why we recommend keeping your tattoo wrapped for the first initial day or two, and during work or physical activity and changing the wrapping regularly so as to avoid risk of infection. Likewise we do not recommend towel drying your tattoo for the initial 2 weeks as towels harbour bacteria.

2.  Aftercare: Typically Cocoa Butter is perfect for taking care of a tattoo - although there are plenty of tattoo aftercare products specifically designed for tattoo welfare. We sell a vegan product Tat2Nut aftercare ourselves so you don’t have to worry if you haven’t come prepared. Apply your choice of aftercare 2 to 3 times a day for the initial 2 weeks to ensure the skin doesn’t get too dry or crack during healing. 

3. Prolonged aftercare: 

Sun damage, skin damage and unique skin pigmentation can all effect the look of a tattoo over time. It doesn’t hurt to keep your skin moisturised and avoid sun damage even after the initial 2 week healing process of a tattoo to keep your tattoo looking fresh for life. Some coloured inks and white ink can also fade over time so it’s worth keeping in mind that colour tattoos may need refreshing far into the future, known as a "Touch Up".

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